About US

We are a new Real Estate Photography & Graphic Design business servicing Real Estate Agents in Parramatta and surrounding areas.

The two main areas of our digital art are real estate photography & property plan or floor plan graphic design.

Real Estate PhotographyREAL ESTATE FLOOR PLANS

01. Real Estate Photography

Industry quality, high resolution and feature celebrating real estate property images.

02. Floor Plans

Industry quality, high resolution black & white and colour 2D floor plans for real estate properties.

03. CRM for Real Estates

We have an industry standard CRM for you to know exactly where your job is at during the whole life cycle of each project.

Our Team

Professional Photography & Property Plans


Professional Photographer

Rawad is highly awarded on ViewBug for his artist flair.  A quality he brings to each professional real estate photography shoot, giving unique perspectives to engage the perfect buyer or tenant. Instagram here.


Graphic Designer

21 years of experience with all things creative, Yen has been involved with graphic design as a web designer, graphic designer, composer, writer, content writer, journalist & has extensive experience in marketing & advertising.


What We Do Best

Care of your property

We are reliable, genuine and honouring of people’s spaces when a property is occupied and of the security of possessions.

Our photography

We take much deep consideration and care of the photos we take, always mindful of adding value, increasing perceived value and minimising any detracting features.

We always turn up

We always keep our appointments and if are delayed or cannot attend due to an emergency we notify you immediately.


We use the industry standard ServiceM8 to manage our projects and jobs with the Real Estates we work for allowing us to communicate all scheduling, job commencement & completion & for you to know up-to-date the status of jobs.

digital data in the cloud

We upload all digital assetes created for our Real Estates to the Cloud.  We either use OneDrive or Google Drive.  All formats are in folders and nmaing conventions and organised folders are created for you to manage all assets.

The Final Piece of Your Sales Product

High quality, lead converting to sale photography is a must for all your campaigns.  Floor plans can be great for visualtion for the prospective buyer or tenant as well.  We provide the icing on the cake for your property sales package.
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